November 13-16, 2017
The Omni Mandalay at Las Colinas

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Corporate Learning Week Program


At Corporate Learning Week we pride ourselves on the quality of our program, created by L&D leaders, for L&D leaders, with one mission in mind: offering you the strategies you need for increased effectiveness within the business, a more productive workforce and accelerated organizational growth.


You Just Had a Difficult Conversation at Work. Here’s What to Do Next

Check out this article written by 2017 Speaker Dolores Bernardo, Head of Leadership Development at Airbnb. In it she describes her experience working with business leaders to better communicate and collaborate.

Armando Lourenzo Interview - Advancing your own Corporate University

We sat down with the director of learning from Southern America at Ernst & Young Brazil to discuss his new launch; Corporate University. He discusses his experience and gives insight on launching or advancing your own Corporate Unviersity.

Speaker Interview with Jayson Maxwell on his Talent & Development Initiatives at Six Flags

Jayson Maxwell is the Corporate Director of Learning and Development at Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. He discusses his role in the L&D industry, initiatives in Organizational Change Management, accomplishments and more. Check out his full interview to learn more!

Michael Kennedy Interview - Advancing Innovative Leadership Development

Ahead of the 5th Corporate Learning Week, we sat with Michael Kennedy, the Head of Leadership Development at the NBA to discuss how their Leadership Development Program has evolved over the past year, what they're doing to prepare future leaders to thrive in a VUCA environment and more!

Leadership Development at Miraca Life Sciences: An Interview with Workshop Leader Asama Khan

Asama Khan, Head of Learning and Development, Miraca Life Sciences discusses her organization's approach to leadership development and why "next Gen leaders need to be resilient, strategic, influential and be able to think critically." Take a look to find out how Miraca Life Sciences are developing these skills and more!

Speaker Interview Karen Schukle: Learning Analytics at ADP

Learn more about ADP's Top Priorities for 2017/2018 including: Implementing a scorecard to measure the effectiveness and impact of the Enterprise Learning team, Implementing an evaluation strategy and standardizing technology used to evaluate the impact of learning, Leveraging available data to bring rich insights that drive decisions and action, Elevating the level of analytics capability within the Enterprise Learning organization.

Speaker Interview - Damian Hanft, Senior Director, Learning and Development, Arby’s

Get to know Corporate Learning Week 2017 speaker Damian Hanft, Senior Director, Learning and Development, Arby’s. In this short interview, Damian talks about Arby's award winning approach to managing millennials, their lop L&D priorities for the next year, cultural transformation and more!

Kelley Cornish Interview - TD Bank Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Kelley is a diversity and inclusion expert, talent leader, speaker and author of her first book, “It’s Work! How Will You Show Up?”, focusing on tips and principles to move you through your workforce seasons with a case study on mentoring the Millennial generation. In this interview Kelley discusses diversity and inclusion initiatives and more!


Ericsson's CLO on Networked Society Learning

Discover the impact of a networked society on both formal and informal leaning approaches and a roadmap of Ericsson's findings from the rise of the Networked Society and more!

Preparing for the 2020 Workforce

Uzma S. Burki, Senior Vice President at HC Strategy, discusses global workforce trends, the emergence of talent centers, building blocks for the 2020 talent paradigm readiness: Macro & Micro Level View, and what you should be focused on.

Current State: The world of Millennials at work

Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer, Luck Companies, provides a thorough breakdown of Millennials as a generation and within the workplace. 

Learning in the Digital Age: The Third Way

Ketchum bet that an online 5 hour course could differentiate it from its competitors in the high pressure PR field. Breaking the old dualism of classroom vs. eLearning “Ketchum 2016: The Race to Make It Real” involved 1,900 colleagues in global groups of 33 each competing to bring the best ideas to help Ketchum win in the marketplace.

20 tips & tricks to increase your win ratio

Casper Moerck at Siemens shares tips and tricks for lean process improvement within learning organizations. He compares traditional improvement projects with the Kaizen method, weighing the benefits of both. See what he concludes in this past presentation ...

Innovation and Intrapreneurship for Enterprise Learning

Tom King, Chief Learning Technologist at Boeing Flight Services shares the key components, background, activities and observables required to become an entrepreneur within an organization.

Accelerating Talent Development: Temptations of a High Potential

Kevin Wilde presents a worksheet on the "Temptations of a High Potential employee" that includes the key challenges the do's and dont's and the opportunities of an exceptional worker.

Learner as Customer: Implications and Opportunities for Corporate Learning Functions

Jack Wilson of Cisco Systems explains how Customer Experience combined with Learning and Development equate to the "Learner Experience," which offers four key principles: Aspirational Learner Experience, Personas, Learner Experience Touch Point Model and Learner Experience Measurement.

Open, Free Learning: Get an Ivy league Education for free with MOOCs

Maureen Winningham, CPLP, Global Learning - R&D and IT, at McAfee Connected Learning discusses the progression of the company's Massive Open Online Course structure - the why, the how, the who, the topics, the tracking and the future.


ansrsource: Improving Critical Thinking Skills

Corporate Learning Network and Ansrsource teamed up and surveyed learning and training leaders at corporations around the globe on how they measure knowledge investment. Take a look at Ansrsource's findings, ultimately confirming that critical thinking training is the greatest unmet need.

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Moving Your Learning Agenda - A Whitepaper by Samuel Bacharach

CLW's event partner, Bacharach Leadership Group,explains how and why L&D strategy needs to shift in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of the business

CLW 2017 Top Takeaways

The top 2017 themes to ensure you'll leave with ready-to-implement approaches on running training like a business.


The ROI of a New Learning Management System: How to Construct a Successful Business Case

In today’s fast-changing world, the learning management system (LMS) has become mission critical to organizations that are trying to keep employees up-to-date on everything from the latest technologies and regulatory requirements, to industry certifications, best practices plus job-specific and leadership skills.

Still, given today’s economic climate, winning approval for an LMS can present a challenge. The key is to construct a business case that presents the LMS not as an IT expenditure but as a proven tool for achieving measurable ROI and attaining strategic business objectives.Here are 6 key elements to include in your business case to demonstrate the ROI on a SuccessFactors LMS, courtesy of SAP.

How Deloitte reinvented performance management

Deloitte realized that its system for evaluating the work of employees--and then training, promoting and paying them accordingly--was increasingly out of step with its objectives. The company then set about designing a radical new management system focused on fueling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past, which the authors Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall, a Corporate Learning Week speaker, describe in this article.

Exclusive Content

Pay Attention! Why Attention Is the Foundation for Self-Management

By: Jeremy Hunter, PhD

This article, the first in a series of articles/webinars by celebrated Drucker-inspired executive effectiveness expert, Dr. Jeremy Hunter, presents the building blocks of self-management and how they fit together to create mindfulness, that is, self-awareness & self regulation.

The New Social Learning - Sample Chapter

By Marcia Conner & Tony Bingham

Take a look at the sample chapter from CLW's 2016 Keynote Marcia Conner's latest book: The New Social Learning. In this newly revised and updated edition of The New Social Learning, Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner dispel organizational myths and fears about social media.

Mark Fernandes: The Power of Values-Based Leadership

The Power of Values-Based Leadership: Creating Sustainable Organizations by Igniting Human Potential

Speaker Interview of Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer of Luck Companies. 

Hear from one of our featured speakers from Corporate Learning Network discuss his role and experiences as the Chief Leadership Officer at Luck Companies.

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2016: The Year of "Brain Science"

2016: The Year of "Brain Science"
Exclusive interview with Josh Davis, Head of Research at the NeuroLeadership Institute

Small Steps to Big Wins: How Microlearning Transforms Organizations

Presented by Grovo
This guide explains the method, philosophy, and business benefits of microlearning. The idea is simple: in an environment of information overload, small content is the only way to engage learners in the process of building successful behaviors.

The 2017 Learning Ecosystem E-Book

Interested in optimizing your learning ecosystem? In this packet find out how leading edge companies such as RBC and IBM cultivate exceptional learning experiences with design thinking, learning analytics and business-aligned L&D strategies. Chapters include: 2017 Industry Trends, Designing & Developing a 21st Century Learning Ecosystem, The Architects of Experience, Techniques on Measuring Leadership Effectiveness and Calculating ROI in Training and Performance Improvement.


Developing a Strong Culture in a Tech-Centered Business

Zappos is world renowned for its strong — and some times quirky — culture. As an e-tailer, it can be hard, however, to get employees tethered to their computers to interact face to face. As the leadership development program manager at Zappos IP, Rich Hazeltine is tasked with passing on the company's strong culture and values to leaders. We sat down with Rich to chat about how the company's recent growth and its promotion-from-within strategy affect leadership and training at Zappos.

[Video] Bridging the Divide: Re-Imagining Learning Through Technology

In this exclusive video interview, Brad Samargya, CLO of Ericsson discusses networked society learning. Watch this 11 minute video to learn:
- How Ericsson is working with IT to shift learning technology to close future skills gaps
- The impact of a networked society on both formal and informal corporate learning approaches
- The evolving role of the CLO through technology enabled employee collaboration and knowledge sharing 

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Architecting an Agile L&D Environment

Key Takeaways: - How Nationwide brought their agile corporate learning strategy into action, guiding all activities related to learning - Seven areas of learning practice that reflect the overarching corporate strategy and how each was accomplished - Focus on how learning systems and learning standards have moved the strategy into practice

Big Leadership Impact Without the Big Learning Budget

Many organizations have very small training budgets but still are expected to deliver “BIG” results. This session focuses on how to develop a focused and impactful leadership development program that changes behaviors and provides the “BIG” results on a small budget.

Mastering Your Content Ecosystem with LCMS and xAPI

Is your learning content working to improve employee and business performance? LCMS can be used to create content that can be used and reused in any curriculum, format or device, designing their enterprise learning strategy around scalable learning assets. This session will provide insight into using an LCMS to know which content is getting used and by whom, whether it’s effective, and can deliver mobile and micro learning to meet employee demand. Key Takeaways: - How LCMS can provide the ability to increase the velocity of content development, at a lower cost and with more effectiveness - Gain an understanding into which content your learners are accessing, and the specific measures used to determine the content’s success - Employing LCMS with xAPI to deliver relevant content connected to on-the-job performance metrics Presentation by: Jennifer Rogers Global Content Development Executive, Contributor to Training Industry & 2015 CUBIC Award Honoree

Creating a Partnering Culture at Equifax

Jane Shirley, SVP Strategic Alliances, Equifax shares how Corporate Learning Leaders at Equifax cultivated their winning One Alliance culture.

International Ethics and Compliance Training Simplified

Join us for a journey across Walmart International’s 28 countries, 800,000 International associates and more than 6,000 stores to identify solutions for implementing effective Ethics and Compliance training. Jennifer Buchanan Senior Director, International Ethics and Compliance Training & Awareness WALMART INTERNATIONAL

Driving Results through Upfront Goal Setting and Outcome Measurement

A hallmark of a high impact learning organization is its ability to tie key training results to organizational goals. Presented By: David Vance President, CENTER FOR TALENT REPORTING; Founding & Former President of Caterpillar University @ CATERPILLAR

Leadership Certifications for a 2020 Workplace

Bridgestone, MTSU & the Military Academies Presentation by Stacy Henry, Head of Enterprise Learning & Leadership Development, Bridgestone

Mastering Change Management & Values-Based Leadership to Thrive in Complex Times

The pace of change is pushing the limits of even the most nimble organizations, and exposing reliance on outdated leadership models and deficient tools. In today’s complex global environment, we need a new paradigm for thinking about organizational transformation and practical tools we can use to coach ourselves and our teams.

The Forgotten Fundamental of Human Performance: Managing Attention in the Age of Overwhelm and Distraction

Presented By: Jeremy Hunter Founding Director, EXECUTIVE MIND LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE Creator, “The Executive Mind” at Drucker School of Management, CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY


Leader as Coach: Embracing a culture of coaching

Daniel Kurber, Head of Learning and Organizational Development at Moxie Public Relations goes over a coach versus mentor, the benefits of each, and touching on the roles of frontline management. He also discusses what mindset has to do with coaching, learning objectives, behavior, and the power of listening.

Learning Transformation The View is Worth the Climb

Edward Trolley SVP, Consulting and Advisory Services at NIIT, speaks about what the business imperative for transformation is, a transformation framework, and more!

The Next Generation Corp U: Mobile, Social and Data-Driven

Kate Hyatt, SVP HR and Chief People Officer at Healthgrades introduces a case study on ProBuild a lumber and building supplies company. She discusses business challenges and opportunities, and the different solutions given to address these challenges.

Data Driven: Leveraging Analytics to Drive Extraordinary Results

Vice President and COO of Global Learning at SAP, Manette Chadwick, discusses a how to develop a data driven L&D strategy, evidence-based employee coaching, and why all of this really matters to your bottom line. Key takeaways include measuring the ROI of L&D, setting up learning metrics, setting up learning analytics dashboards and more.

Cultivating Learning Innovation: Evolving Your Corporate Learning Platforms and Strategy to Solve Real Training & Development Needs

H&R Blocks Director of Learning Innovation & Strategy, Wendy Wright Zeller, presents on Lessons from their “Innovation Evolution,” the four core innovation principles such as; Design thinking for L&D processes, Innovation (necessarily equals) technology, know your learning stakeholders, and solving for the business problem. 

Welcome to the Future of Learning: Leading with Strategic Thinking

Aaron Olson, Chief Talent Officer at Aon plc, discusses the compelling link between leadership practice and business results, the clear implications of disruption, and strategic thinking makes leaders more effective. 

Transforming the First 90 Days to Reimagine Performance Development

Director of Learning & Development at Intuit Inc., Don Yager, presents on challenges such as curriculum for care agents primarily instructor-led, and learner experience primarily lecture and watching.

Maintaining Our Edge

Chris Hardy Director at Defense Acquisition University speaks about the future of learning at DAU using new tools, DAU maintaining there edge, and the acquisition learning model. As well as looking forward at foundational, workflow and performance learning. Chris also shows results from there trainings effectiveness, and there use of learning analytics.

Putting Learning First

Sarah Azizi, Business Development & Partnerships at Degreed, speaks about how to stop struggling to connect L&D to learners, starting to put learners first, rewire L&D for learner-centric learning, and more!

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Corporate University of the Year (Team/Divisional Award)

The CUBIC Award for Corporate University of the Year recognizes a corporate university that has successfully launched or shown continued excellence at a strategic level, assisting its parent organization in achieving its mission. These teams have identified and supported the performance requirements of the business, and engaged business executives as partners in developing and executing programs. The L&D departments show evidence of best use of technology and creative problem solving with roadblocks.

Learning Impact Award

The CUBIC Award for Learning Impact recognizes outstanding, innovative applications of educational technology and strategy achieved to improve learning’s impact on the organization, including enhanced revenue growth, cost reduction, employee satisfaction, among other metrics. This adheres to learning leaders who have implemented a substantial measurement or evaluation program yielding improved business results. These individuals/teams have positively impacted the bottom-line in their organizations to provide a faster response to changing business conditions, increasing on-the-job productivity and improving customer satisfaction. They demonstrate an authentic partnership between learning and other business functions to achieve common goals.

Learning Technology of the Year

The CUBIC Award for Learning Technology of the Year recognizes a solution which offers broad range of communication and information that can be used to support learning, teaching, and assessment.

Learning Organization of the Year (Team/Divisional Award)

The CUBIC Award for Corporate University of the Year recognizes a corporate university that has successfully launched or shown continued excellence at a strategic level, assisting its parent organization in achieving its mission.

Leadership Development Excellence (Team/Divisional Award)

The CUBIC Award for Leadership Development Excellence recognizes L&D departments that have developed strong leadership programs designed to retain top performers, including a focus on mentorship, HiPo development and coaching.

Learning Leader of the Year (Individual Award)

The CUBIC Award for Learning Leader of the Year recognizes leaders who have played a strategic role in determining how learning is driven and integrated throughout the enterprise. These individuals have led teams that develop innovative programs, especially those that align L&D with corporate goals. Additionally, these leaders have championed and marketed learning and development programs to gain interest from employees and buy-in from executives.

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